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Michael Griffith MFT (license 28859)
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If you are looking for individual therapy for issues such as depression, anxiety, work problems, dealing with all the imponderable surprises in life, I can offer you solid, caring contact.  Often we become plagued by problems we were raised with, including alcoholism, abuse, neglect or intrusion.  Life becomes much more gratifying once you start to unravel these problems.  

Couples often can benefit from help in resolving conflictual patterns and in deeping their loving contact.

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Michael Griffith MA MFT



I have been licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 1991. I offer psychotherapy for individual men and women, couples, families of all kinds including stepfamilies, 


My areas of expertise

Over the years, I have worked successfully with depression, anxiety and panic disorder; recovery from trauma and abuse, including dissociative disorders; eating disorders; personality disorders; men’s issues; relationship and couple conflicts ; family issues, especially marriage, divorce, remarriage and stepfamily problems; stress management; work and career difficulties; grief, loss,.


My emphasis is to help you further your growth and individuality to your fullest potential. I can help you handle your fears, and maximize your enjoyment, both at work and in your personal life.

I have learned how to help clients recognize and manage their most difficult inner experiences—those times when you are immobilized by depression, overcome with grief, and frozen with fear and anxiety.  These,require courage and effort to work through to ,developing coping skills and learning to maintain an ongoing positive experience of yourself and others. 



I have  been helping  individuals  and couples sort out life's problems with success and creativity for 25 years.


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Offering real change anchored in your body experience.