Michael Griffith MFT



Families can be incredibly stressful, complicated, and confusing.  Often members feel alone in their situation, or ashamed, or powerless to effect changes needed.  We can address problems such as:

  • school problems,
  • alcohol use,
  • step family complications,
  • larger family, multigenerational conflicts,
  • drug use--kids or adults,
  • money issues--getting and spending,
  • family vacations,
  • holiday stresses,
  • ex-spouses or step-children relationships,
  • incest,
  • physical abuse and basttering spouse,
  • fighting between siblings.


We usually work with the entire family together to solve problems. Sometimes we will work with individual relationships within the family, often the parenting couple but occasionally with outside figures like former spouses, grandparents, etc.  This work is "here-and-now", relational and usually surprises pop up which bespeak of suppressed issues, family secrets, inadequate communication skills, poor ability to empathize.