Michael Griffith MFT
703  Market St.  Suite #1304
San Francisco, CA 94103
415 546 6548


To go to 870 Market St, #1045, across from Westage Mall,there are several nearby parking garages.  jThe Mission Street garage civers the entire block between 4th and 5th streets. Enter  from Mission St after right turn off 5th street onto Mission.  Enter garage 50 yards from Mission and 5th intersection, go to basement where spaces are more available, and proceed towards 5th street for closer parking space.

A closer  garage is on O'Farrell  on Ellis behind the Flood Building but it is more challenging to find by car..

Garage also at Sutter/Stockton towards Union Square.

PUBLIC TRANSIT:  FOR BART, EXIT ON POWELL STATION.    Our building is the Flood Building.
                                  : FOR MUNI STREETCAR--Exit Powell station, and walk down Market toward the bay.
The Flood building is directly across the street from the shopping mall.