Michael Griffith MFT
Offering 1-1 1/2 hr sessions

 The unique life experiences of each one of us can make relationship not easy to accomplish, even while pursuing it avidly.  I have come to love helping couples learn the art of living in loving relationships.  I find it helpful to focus on identifying the challenges in each partner’s particular emotional style, and to find ways to overcome these old, entrenched patterns, to help overcome deeply held fears and avoidance strategies. 

Using the Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy, or PACT, we can address present time interactional situations, using state-of-the art attachment theory techniques.  We will work in-the-moment  for change, to develop deeper contact and happiness in your life together. 

If your relationship is vital to your happiness, entice, cajole, drag your partner into this office  to solve your impasse.

We will work with issues such as---

    both of you to relish intimate contact and togetherness.  This will play out in:

  • commitment and/or  marriage,
  • kids
  • issues of infidelity,
  • communication skills and fair fighting,
  • extended family issues,
  • decision to have a family,
  • somatic, non-verbal messages,
  • discomfort with touch, intimacy
  • your sexual relationship

 Ongoing fee is $190 per hour, $260 for 1.5 hr.