Michael Griffith MFT
Offering real change anchored in your body experience.

Marriage and Family Therapist  (license 28859)
I have been seeing families, couples, and individuals for 25 years.  .  Since I started practice, several  great new approaches have emerged which have proved really powerful. Most recently, I have been part of an ongoing training for advanced therapists applying  Attachment theory to  couples, which has been very powerful ,and  using many of the newer paradigms--, neurobiology, somatic therapies of several kinds,and active forms of couple and family work. 

 I have trained in many styles of trauma recovery and am familiar with the multitude of issues.
MY HISTORY---I co-lead  5- day week-long workshops on "Develop your Romantic Intelligence" at the Esalen Institute, and between 2000-2010, several 3-day "intensive" workshops for residents there as well as a step families group.  I have taught couples therapy at California Institute of Integral Studies, done week-long training at the Lama Foundation, and have led groups for step-families in San Francisco.

MY APPROACH---I want to work on what you feel is most important, and in a relationship that feels comfortable to you .   I don't sit back and do "a-hum" therapy, but instead am interested in promoting your energetic expression.  I am  open with my thinking and feeling about your situation.  Depending on your comfort level we will focus on expanding your self awareness and developing new skills and new style for your relationship.  We can use EMDR, Gestalt therapy, Reichian therapy, systemic family therapy, psychodrama, play therapy ---to name a few.   

MY LIFE--.  I have lived in San Francisco over 40 years and enjoy many aspects of the city---music, dance, theater, food!  I am happily married and my  two sons are in their 30's and are doing very well in their personal and professional lives.
      I have been a painter for 40 years, doing largely figurative work in a realist/impressionist style, and have enjoyed working in a studio at Hunter's Point Shipyard.